Associate Director

“When I started out in this industry, I only reached out to the cold market — meaning I reached out to strangers through road shows, telemarketing, etc. I was very afraid to reach out to my own friends because of the stigma they might have. 

“But then in my third year of my career, it hit me hard when my friend was diagnosed with thyroid issues. It wasn’t killing her, but she could never buy a policy with a standard underwriting, now, meaning policies will always be more expensive for her. My friend told me, ‘You should have talked to me, and I would have bought insurance from you.’ 

That got me thinking. Why was I trying so hard to help strangers when I should be helping my friends?”

Katrina Lim (Rep No.LQX300015365) started her career in Starr Epic Advisory 10 years ago when she got tired of the rat race as an accountant — working 8am – 2am every day, only to repeat it the next day.

One day, during a casual coffee chat with her former manager, Gordon Lee, Katrina asked him about his life as a financial representative/consultant.

“I asked him why he would pick a job where there is no salary when you climb up the ranks,” she said.

“He then asked me ‘Why would you want to limit how much you are rewarded?’”

That got Katrina thinking. Why work so hard in a job that only drains you instead of rewarding you for your hard work? So after much thought, she joined the industry and started building her group of clients up.

She thought it was just a numbers game, and did not want to reach out to her friends until one of her friends was diagnosed with medical issues that prevented her from saving money with insurance. That was when Katrina realised that she needed to be more active in helping her own friends.

From then on, Katrina’s perspective shifted. She knew she had the ability and freedom to help people as much as possible. If they didn’t want her services, that was fine, but the responsibility was on her to make sure people at least had the option to have help.

Katrina continued helping people over the years and built her team, until she eventually became an associate director. Now her role is less hectic, but it is definitely more challenging.

“It’s no longer just about production (of sales), but about strategy at the bigger level. It’s about expansion, support for our representatives, hiring new people, and ensuring that the whole system functions properly,” she explained.

At her level, Katrina says she is able to keep working and playing hard. She has time to groom her agents, take care of her clients, and still have time to chill and unwind at home — though she used to travel 4-5 times a year, before the pandemic.

It does take a lot of work to get to where she is however. “To get here, it’s not about being lucky with clients,” she shared. 

“I think luck is for people who are prepared. For example, at roadshows, we chance upon a lot of people, and several potential clients are actually very sincere and need our services. But you need to be prepared to answer their questions and provide them with value — making sure their families are taken care of and that their policies are okay.”

In essence, if you are hardworking and ensure you are prepared to meet opportunities, you have a good chance of succeeding.

“There is no favouritism in this industry that will stop your promotion. It’s all on you. So why not give it a solid two years to try this out?”

Can you see yourself being an associate director one day? You might just have what it takes. Drop us a message, and we’d be happy to share more.

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