Executive Senior Financial Consultant

“I came from a humble background. I don’t have a rich dad. I don’t have any rich, CEO friends, or a great network. I have a diploma, not a degree. But my mentor always said success is not natured, it is nurtured.” 

Ace lives a humble life, and spends his free time between work appointments at home taking care of his newborn child with his wife. Before COVID-19, you could find him having meals with his family at the coffee shop, or planning for the next holiday getaway with his parents.

He has been in the industry for eight years. Instead of choosing to ascend in ranks, Ace (Rep No. CZH300207209) focused on amassing clients and ensuring they are satisfied. As at 2021, he has over 1300 clients, and he hopes to hit 2000 in the next few years.

As a result of his clients, Ace obtained financial freedom. 

This is not something he would have expected when he first started in the industry. To share some context, Ace thought of becoming an infantry officer in the army, since he did well in National Service. His plan B was to become an educator with the Ministry of Education, since he knew he loved helping people, and he knew education was one path he would enjoy.

“What happened was that I met my mentor through Facebook, and had a chat. He shared more about the industry, and how he went from being a driver to a full-fledged financial consultant. He also shared how the industry had its challenges, but how you get to decide your own salary too.

“That made me think about taking the obvious path (in the army), where I could cruise through it all. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I decided to give the financial planning industry a try, and I really gave it my all.

“When others were taking breaks during roadshows, I would continue prospecting clients. When doing door-to-door outreach, I always pushed myself to do one more door, one more level, or one more block.”

It was that kind of mindset that drove Ace to achieve more success in his work. Now, Ace focuses on meeting 10-15 people per week to provide financial advice, while the administrative team he hired ensures everything runs smoothly in the backend.

“It is really important to me that my clients are happy and taken care of. I see some of them work 2-3 jobs a day to provide the best for their families, and that drives me to make sure I do the best thing for them, so their money is invested wisely,” he said.

“And as for me, I want to continue working hard to provide for my family. I came from a humble background, and what makes me happy is being able to just bring my parents out for a holiday. It feels good knowing that I can support them and help them retire,” he said.

That satisfaction is what makes it all worthwhile for Ace, but he also knows that through his 8-year career with Starr Epic Advisory, he has become more driven, financially smart, and extroverted. Most importantly, the nature of his work helped him gain a problem solving attitude that helps him keep achieving success and financial freedom throughout the years.

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