Director, Financial Services

After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic, Gordon Lee (Rep No. LKW200088293) established himself in the financial industry and never looked back. He grew from an advisor to a junior manager to a senior manager and ultimately a director, financial services. And along the way, he amassed an impressive list of clients and awards. He is known as a transformational leader. He had a vision for his business to be successful and was able to turn that vision into a reality. By inspiring his team to see the same and strive towards it, his financial planning practice is flourishing.

Imagine wanting to make a name for yourself  but everyone else seems one step ahead of you. This was what Gordon experienced at the beginning of his journey. He, then, adopted door-to-door visits to acquire new clients. Though the strategy didn’t exactly pay off in terms of prospect conversion, he learned a lot about the psyche and needs of these individuals. He then proceeded to reach out to his army campmates and discovered that they were the major source for generating new clients. His army campmates introduced their wives, then their children and the list goes on.

It was not until the second year that things changed for the better. His army campmate’s uncle (who was not his client) was diagnosed with lung cancer and requested Gordon to assist him with a medical claim. Despite a few hiccups and a 3-hour long commute, he was able to settle the claim successfully and a stronger sense of mission developed and strengthened his conviction for the business. His actions deeply touched  the family and even after 18 years, he is still remembered for his kindness . 

Financial Consultants sometimes get stereotyped as bean counters and calculator-button pushers, but when you speak with Gordon, it’s apparent that a financial consultant plays a bigger role in helping society. Eliminating or relieving financial pressures for individuals allows them to channel and focus their energies in other equally or more important aspects of their lives. People don’t only trust advisors with their money but their lives as well.

This was the foundation that led him to build a dynamic team at Starr Epic Advisory, where he adopts  a holistic approach in advising and strategising for his clients. Having spent 20 years working in the same industry, he brings an acutely broader perspective to the team. The advancement in his career has shaped his current role in building teams and environments that champion transparency and open communication. He also leads by example where he models the behaviour he wants to see in his team. When he leads by example, he doesn’t just push his team towards pursuing excellence, rather he actively demonstrates that excellence. 

As a leader, he no longer defines success exclusively by his career accomplishments. He now views success as seeing his team members achieving balance in all aspects of their lives. At the end of the day, he feels genuinely happy when his team enriches the lives of people around them.

Nothing fills him with quite as much pride as the growth and development of his team. One of his proudest moments was watching one of his team members grow professionally and personally. This team member began as a junior advisor, toiled and laboured tirelessly in the industry and finally achieved several milestones both in her career and life. Now, she has advanced leaps and bounds and enjoys the fruits of her labour as she continues to impact more lives. 

Gordon is no stranger to challenges. When facing a difficult client or team member, he meets it head-on. He tries his level best to reason out with the individual. Apart from engaging in the conversation, his secret weapon to handle problems is to build and strengthen  intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) and most importantly adversity quotient (AQ). AQ is underrated . When something goes really wrong at work, how would one react? Do we run around scrambling for answers, gasping for any available solutions? AQ is so important especially in a people-oriented industry because it equips you to navigate through difficult situations.

Gordon began his humble journey to serve and never imagined this level of success. He aspires to build a team of individuals who are highly motivated and understand the purpose and impact of their work. His team is motivated, hardworking, and driven when it comes to building better financial solutions for all . 

“With Starr Epic Advisory, you’ll do more than just help with investment in insurance—you’ll counsel and shape the future of many lives and we’ll support you every step of the way. We’re not just an agency, we’re a community.” Why don’t you drop Gordon a message and see how far you can go?