“In this job, you are your own CEO. No one tells you when to wake up or what to do for the day. But you are also the worker. You are your own marketing team. You are your own human resources department.”

Enter the life of Bryan Koh (Rep No.KJH300068810), as a financial consultant with Starr Epic Advisory. Before he started this career, he had a lot of misconceptions about the industry.

Due to his own bad experience, he believed insurance agents were pushy people who were just out to get money through scams. 

However, when he came across The Great Internship by Great Eastern, where he would have the opportunity to learn more about financial planning, he decided to give it a try.

“Before doing this, I knew nothing about financial planning or how to adult,” Bryan admitted.

But the Great Internship gave him insights into different aspects of financial planning, such as wealth accumulation, legacy planning, and more. Then Bryan quickly became well versed at financial management and grew skilled at investing. 

Bryan also gained entrepreneurial skills through the process. As he has to work as his own ‘CEO’ in his role, he carefully selects who joins his team. Hence, he got four of his like-minded peers to join him as teammates. They work collaboratively and independently to best advise their clients on how to plan for their protection and investment needs.

“I see my team as my family. We are all young, spontaneous, driven, and earnest,” he said, sharing why he loves working here. 

“In this job, you deal with a lot of difficult situations and rejections. This helps to build your resilence, no matter what the circumstances.”

“And in this job, you deal with a lot of difficult situations and rejections. This gives you an edge, no matter what the outcome is.”

Bryan’s job is tough, but rewarding — even at the bottom of the career ladder (or elevator), as he gets to build something for himself and dictate the circumstances of his work.

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